Commercial Services

Is your business secure?

K9 Locksmiths understands how important it is to protect your business. That’s why we offer a free security check for your business.

Don’t pay out hundreds or thousands of dollars on a restricted key system to protect your business, only to have thieves easily break in through an unsecure door or window. Just contact us to make an appointment and we will check your doors and windows for free. If there is something of concern, we will be happy to give you a verbal or written quote, to rectify the problem, obligation free.

Restricted Key & Master Key Systems

Key management is an important factor in protecting you business from theft. Restricted keys are an effective way of keeping control of who has a key and the area they can access. Restricted keys are only allowed to be cut at the locksmith where the system is registered.

Understanding how restricted master key systems work can sometimes be difficult therefore it’s important when designing a system it is explained in layman’s terms to eliminate any misunderstanding. Below is a simple example of a restricted key system for a small business:

Manager's Office Door
Front Door
Store Room Door
Gate Padlock
Master Key
Staff Key    
Gate Key      

Master Key – Given to manager and can access all doors
Staff Key – Given to staff and can access gate and front door
Gate Key – Given to gardener and can access gate padlock only

Commercial Services

  • Restricted keys and master key systems
  • Safes supplied, opened and repaired
  • Door closers adjusted or replaced
  • Commercial grade locks
  • Fire rated locks and door closers
  • Glass door locks
  • Building security checks