Letterbox Locks and Security Concerns

Security concerns around protecting your mail against theft is on the increase and this because of identity theft and the ease at which thieve can steal you mail. There are three ways thieves generally gain access to your mailbox and they are by obtaining a master key, picking the lock open or having a key cut from code which is stamped on the lock.

Thieves tend to target unit blocks as they can sweep through a whole unit block within minutes. Chances are nobody will know their mail has been stolen and therefore the thieves can move on the next unit block or even return again and continue to steal time and time again.

The easiest solution to this problem is to have your letterbox lock replaced with a more secure, non-stamped and non-mastered letterbox lock.

K9 Locksmiths can provide higher security letterbox locks which will prevent easy access for thieves. These locks are difficult to pick, can’t be opened by a master key and don’t have the key code stamped on the lock.