Deadlocks, Deadbolts and Window Locks


Deadlocks are an important defense against break and enter and are normally a requirement by insurance companies. Deadlocks can be locked on both the inside and outside. This feature is to prevent thieves exiting out through the door with your possessions. They have to exit the same way they entered making it more difficult to steal and may increase the chance of getting seen and caught.

The Lockwood 001 Deadlatch is the most common and the preferred deadlock to be fitted by locksmiths. The Whitco Deadlatch is basically a cheaper version of the Lockwood 001 Deadlatch and offers the same security features but does not have a red and green indicator. There is little difference in design. These two brands include a doorframe strengthener, which is an important feature for your security. Without the strengthener your door jam may be susceptible to forced entry.


Deadbolts are a cheaper alternative to deadlatches and require a key to lock and unlock. The deadbolt’s design creates a fire risk, as a key is needed to unlock the door from the inside. To overcome this risk often the key is left in the inside of the lock or on a hook next to the door. Deadbolts do not comply with unit or apartment fire regulations and should not be fitted to these doors. If you already have a deadbolt fitted you may want to consider having a deadlatch fitted in its place. Deadbolts are very practical for extra security on storerooms, garage access doors and external laundries etc. A deadbolt makes it hard for you to lock yourself out as a key is required to lock the door.

Window Locks for Safety and Security

Window locks are important when it comes to securing you home. If the window only has a non-lockable catch then the window is probably not secure. Even windows that are lockable but do not have an aftermarket window lock are a risk. This is because most aftermarket window locks have a pin, which engages into the framework or adjacent window, which make it more secure.

If you have young children then it’s recommended to have window locks fitted for children’s safety, especially if the window is higher than 2m. Window locks can generally be fitted so the window can be locked open, just enough to let fresh air circulate and closed enough to stop children climbing out.

DeadLocks, DeadBolts and window locks

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