Safes for the Home and Business

Which Brand of Safes?

Our choice of safe is the CMI and Platinum safes which are an Australian owned companies and has a great selection of safes to choose from. Their safes are well made and offer good protection against fire and theft.

Many safes sold by some big retail outlets are cheap, of poor quality and offer minimal security against theft. Locksmiths generally sell good quality safes, as they don’t want to run the risk of wasting time and money on a warranty call out.

All safes should be bolted down if there are provisions to do so. You would be surprised of the amount of safes stolen due to not being bolted down. Bolting into concrete floors or brick walls is often the best way to secure the safe otherwise securing into timber floors is also possible.

Safe Opening

It’s important to have your safe open by a locksmith who has good experience in safe opening. Getting someone inexperienced may cost you more money due to time and the amount of damaged done to the safe.

Safes for the Home and Business

  • Safes supplied and fitted 
  • Safes opened and repaired
  • Safes modified to electronic access
  • Key, combination and digital safes serviced
  • Safes relocated